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Who we are + What we do


We are a network / community of Goal Getters and Mothers in all stages of life walking our journey together and helping each other on the way.


We are made up of two different, yet cohesive chapters;

Goal Getters are entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, working women, both moms and not (yet). You do not need to be a mother to join our community.

Whether you’re starting something new or scaling up we are here to help you along the way. Our community provides resources of professionals, industry experts, business/ professional development workshops, advisors and mentors to join your journey.


Mothering is the chapter of our community that is all about “Mothering”. Whether you are a new mom, mom to be or a mom for years, we are here to join you on your journey. Our network provides resources on topics such as breast feeding, schooling, parenting tips, sleep training, camp recommendations, a community of women of are on the say journey and so, so much more.


So whether you are going to further enhance your business/ career development, mothering and to simply make some new friends or everything above; we are here to help.